Last Minutes with ODEN

Last Minutes with ODEN from phos pictures on Vimeo.

I don't know how they suffer and struggle to lose their family.

he is definitely a family, but he can't speak as we, human does. they had to make decision.

I was deeply touched by feeling how they loved him.


you know you've worked too long when

1. You wonder what absolute alcohol tastes like with orange juice

2. You can tell what cheap and expensive white coats look like

3. You can’t watch CSI without cursing at least one scientific inaccuracy

4. You use acronyms for everything and never stop to elaborate

5. Liquid nitrogen is only about a 1/3 as dangerous as you thought

6. You always seem to use the microscope after the person with the impossible close together eyes

7. Accident reports are a badge of honor

8. You’ve wondered why you can’t drink distilled water in the lab – It should be clean?

9. You give the lab equipment motivational pep talks “Work for me today or i’ll reprogram you with a fire axe” is my favorite

10. You’ve worked out that a trained chimp could probably do 90% of your job

11. When a non-scientist asks you what you do for a living you roll your eyes and talk science at them until they’ve loss the will to live (mainly for fun)

12. You have to check the web to find out what the weather is outside

13. You realize that almost anything can be classed as background reading

14. People wearing shorts under a lab coat disturb you slightly as they look as though they might be naked underneath

15. Although all cooking is a glorified chemistry experiment you just still can’t seem to get it right

16. Safety equipment is optional unless it makes you look cool

17. Warning labels invoke curiosity rather than caution

18. The Christmas nightout reveals scientists can’t dance, although a formula for the movement of hands and feet combined with beats per min is found scrawled on a napkin by a waiter the next day

19. You know which part of the lab you can chill out undisturbed on friday afternoon

20. You decide the courses and conference you want to go on by the quality of the food served

21. You are strangely proud of the collection of junk you’ve stolen from vendors at trade shows

22. You’ve used dry ice to cool beer down

23. No matter what the timings in the experiment protocol there is always time for lunch in the middle

24. As has been pointed out to me on several occasions – You can no longer spell normal words but have no trouble with spelling things like immunohistochemistry or deoxyribonucleic acid.(Cheers Lesley)

25. Burning eyes, nose and throat indicate that you haven’t actually turned on the fumehood/downdraft bench

26. Your slightly too fond of the smell of (pick one or many) Xylene/Agar/Ethanol/Undergraduates/Alcoholic handwash

27. You’ve left the lab wearing a piece of PPE (personal protective equipment) because you forgot you had it on

28. You bitch about not being able to pipette by mouth any more (Not me but i’ve worked with people who do!)

Signs from others in the group (04-07-07)

29. Security come round at 2 am wondering why the lights are still on only to find you with your arms up to your elbows in a glovebox – Cheers James

30. you have made some kind of puppet out of a nitrile glove and kept it as a pet (I know this isn’t just me!) (Putting dry ice in makes for a rapidly expanding if short lived pet – DS) – Cheers Rachel

31. When at a Fall Out Boy gig you wonder why everyone is going round with Faecal Occult Blood (FOB) written on their head!!!! -Just for you Sarah

32. You have an irresistible urge to rip your shirt off superman stylie cos it has press stud fasteners just like your lab coat…..Most often occurring as you walk through a door just like exiting the lab…. (The worlds of strippers and lab workers collide, not pretty- DS) Thanks for that Carrie

33. You still get amusement out of “freezing” things in liquid nitrogen! – Not just you Tracey

A Few more from me (12-07-07)

34. Blinking real fast has saved your eyesight on more than one occasion.

35. You’ve removed your gloves to find a small hole which has left you with either – wrinkly old person hands, a brightly coloured finger (histologists especially) or a burning sensation and dermatitis and some point.

36. You’ve bent down to pick something up off the floor only to scatter the contents of your top pocket under the largest machine in the lab – Common problem i believe

More From you guys (19-07-07)

37.When you rejoice when grabbing a handfull of eppendorfs/bijous/anything and it turns outs to be the exact number you needed (always strangly good andy)

38.You can`t wait for lab clean-up coz you get to do random pointless “experiments” to figure out whats in all the dodgy unlabeled bottels (Sniff test is a bit of a gamble Nadia)

39. You hate having to change your lab coat to a new one because ‘it just won’t fit right’ and because the wrist bits are way too tight (They never get my ‘cut’ just right either Tom)

40. You know you have worked in a lab too long when you actually threaten your cells whilst waving a bottle of virkon (All been there Becky)

41.Your nose invariably itches when you’re doing mucky stuff with your hands so you develop the habit of scratching it on your upper arm. Unfortunately you sometimes carry this habit over to real life, where it looks like you’re sniffing your armpits (Trying to find a clean bit of lab coat can be fun as well, cheers Kate)

42. When as the senior of morphology you threaten each new registrar on their first day that oil and x10 dry objectives do not mix and will result in violence (Cheers Nichola)

43. when you say goodnight to your microscope on a friday night and tearfully hug it goodbye as you won’t see it all weekend (Cheers again Nichola)

44. When you start making patterns in your pipette tip box as you take the tips out. I made a beautiful spiral today (Could have been an art student Vicky)

45. When you wonder how much it will hurt if I pour just a smidge of this phenol:chloroform/trichloroacetic acid/any random chemical on myself (Best try it out on some one else first Mike)

46. You’ve seen how far away you can hit a target with a squirty water bottle or seeing how far away from the bin i can fire pipette tips. (Pinging gloves is also fun Ed)

47. The fire alarm ceases to bug you. You only evacuate when you see the fire. (Hand on the floor to check for heat is a good indicator)

48. You know when you’ve been in a lab too long when you make 6 litres of medium, but wonder why no one makes “high” or “low”.(Cheers Tom)

49. When you organise your kitchen cupboard contents the way you would your chemicals..all labeled in alphabetical order (Cheers Anggia)

50. When you’ve got that callus on the side of your thumb from opening PCR tubes (Cheers Chani)

A few more sent to me by a colleague, dam that’s another one – you call your friends colleagues “my colleague is just getting the beers in”

51. You open the toothpaste with one hand.

52.You wash your hands before and after using to the washroom.

53.When you hear tween, you think of the surfactant not the age group.

54.For you, media is something which increases your culture.

55.You can identify organs on road kills.

56.You have a callus on your thumb.

57.You use the word “aliquot” in regular sentences.

58.Sometimes you momentarily vanish from social activities because of a time point.

59.You’ve never worn a clean lab coat.

60.You don’t fear rodents, rodents fear you.

61.You say “orders of magnitude” in regular sentences.

62.You flinch when you hear the word “significant”.

63.Showing up at 10AM and having a coffee is a productive day.

64.You can’t stand god-like physicians, while secretly wishing you had their job.

65.You’re very good at diluting things.

66.You’re also very good at transferring small amounts of liquid between containers.

67.You are fed up of people saying alcohol, when they mean ethanol.

68.You say “conjugation” instead of “sex”, and “pili” sounds dirty.

69.SOB is not an insult; it’s what you grow your bugs in.

70.You say “mills” and “megs”.

71.No-one in your family has any idea what you do.

72.You can make a short film in power point.

73.You consider a green laser pointer to be science bling.

74.When your fruits go bad and you get fruit flies, you can’t help but check their eye colour

75.You own invitrogen t-shirts and actually wear them.

76.You refer to your children as the F1.

77.You’ve suffered carpal tunnel from the pipetman.

78.You’ve used Kimwipes as Kleenex.

79.A timer clipped to the hip is not only practical, but dead sexy.

80.You’ve played Battleship using tip boxes.

81.The front page of Science is your light reading.

82.You think the following is a quality insult: “I’ve seen cells more competent than you!”.

83.The scent of latex reminds you of work, not play.

84.You’ve used, “I’d like to get into your genes” as a pickup line.


bunny hop



photo credit sirbryanclark.

some nago's


Leader again

San Francisco to Seattle from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

LEADER's accumulating famous and fascinating riders.


Laser Beam

GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB KYOTO, the event for having fun with scrabbling Kyoto city using Laser beam instead of spray paint.
I knew this art before, and had an interest in this. I think scrabbling on the huge wall is extremely fun!



BMW x Domeau & Pérès x PW


2010 Bianchi Pista Classica

Bianchi USA will drop this classic design pista coming 2010.

this has beautiful details such as chrome lugs, BB, ends...
this is really attractive.
they also drop Super Pista in place of Pista Concept.

but I like this classica much.


in suit

go to office like this?

I don't think so...


current change

at ★chickennot




my previous vivalo left me for Master Taito.

and my spinergy received chickendots tune.

chickendot tuned spinergy rev-x


we went long ride yesterday. at first we planned to ran 80 miles, but we could only rode around 40 miles because of heavy rain. it was the first time for me to ride such (long?) distant that toughness was beyond my imaginings. I just rode track bike only for street, I've never experienced hill climb and long cruise(for me y know).
Now I realized the plan that was my wishful thinking and I need more training.

Crazy  setting no brake fixed DH

this ride's setting.

after back to Kyoto, we went drinking. while 2h-parking near motor pool, someone who sucks hit my rear wheel and ran away.
I hope the damage is only for the rim at least wheel, not the frame.
we called the police and parking lot company to show us video of security camera.
I can't imagine!




passed monster

photo credit John Prolly

can't keep my laugher!


new vid from MASH

PREVIEW: MASH Tour of California 2009 from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

MASH SF, Garrett Chow with Lance Armstrong in Austin TX from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

I know the 2nd one, but bit different with some scenes from previous Austin's vid!



chickennot allaycat video

super high quality!! see in HD mode.


Fredrick Packers

I've been addicted to this messenger bag called professor from Fredrick packers. but the last time stocked in  Bluelug, these were immediently disappered that I couldn't get these.
this model is kind of interesting design because of this doesn't have upper flap.
I like these something "casual" design. (I mean not serious specific for messengers)
I find these pics on fredrick's flickr, and the tag was bluelug. I assume it means these bags will available soon at bluelug. I hope so, and I'm ready to get one.  


love this

have you seen "大日本人"??

meaning Huge Japanese, haha


New shit from Kyoto

new shit


Spinergy stealth for Pista concept installed

I built new track.

56cm Vivalo pro special  
Hatta Threaded Headset 
80mm Nitto crown Stem 
370mm B123 Nitto Drop 
Sugino75 BB 
171.5 Sugino mighty Cranks w/ 48t mighty Chainring 
MKS Pedals with MKS steel toe crip 
Sugino mighty Seat Post 
San Marco Regal  
Front wheel has machined black H+Son 650c to a Grancompe black hub (Radially Laced) 
Rear wheel has machined black H+Son to a Grancompe black hub (3x Laced) 
17t Soma Cog 


MASSAN's CONCEPT on yahoo auction in JP

he sells this frame from NY via his friend?

HUF made this frame only 3 numbers and this is one of that.

this is hella cool and rare, but i concern about condition of it because of his hard core riding, you know. in fact, this has dent on top tube.

anyway, who will be a lucky guy in this country?


new paul comp

Full black and silver E-levers and Cross-Levers for 2009 , polished silver Royal Flush crank arms and silver anodised chain ring.

cool stuffs now in stock in Brick Lane bikes.



Yamaguchi, originally uploaded by pistamania.